Brain Surgery

A number of brain problems affect different age groups. These range from childhood brain disorders like epilepsy or fits to malignant brain tumors like Glioblastoma (cancer formed within brain).

Spine Surgery

Spine disorders range from simple back pains which is experienced by most of the worlds populations some time in their life to infections and tumors formed within the spinal column.


Diseases involving peripheral nerves are becoming more common these days which is mostly a part of occupational hazards like working on computers for prolonged hours.

Taking care of your health

Get your health queries answered

Ask Questions and get valid answers. A thoughrough clinical examination is always needed for reaching a diagnosis but verbal communication leads you towards the path to diagnosis.

Information related to Brain or Spine

Bucket full of information waiting for you to be explored. Its all about common neurosurgical problems faced by many people. We would like not to be monotonous here and hence be patient to read through. 


In case some one needs to reach us, for further treatment options, you are always welcome !!!

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