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Dear friends, I welcome you all to a concept of sharing valid medical information which has been in my mind for last 10 odd years.

While growing up as a surgeon, I have witnessed number of occasions where patients and relatives are in panic situation, especially so when the patient has been diagnosed to have some neurological disease. It’s true that neurology is mother of all sciences. It’s complicated, difficult to understand and the most important difficult to digest. Yes, I mean it’s difficult to digest that many neurological diseases don’t have any cure.

There are different general terminologies which are in use to label a disease but many times they are misguiding. For example migraine, a typical disease causing headaches in young population is called as अर्धशिशी in Marathi language which further means headaches involving only half of the head. It is not the case in migraine as headaches of migraine can involve whole head.

This was a simple example. There are many words which I can tell you like spondylitis , spondylosis, slip disc, burst blood vessels, choked blood vessels, brain attack, fits and so on. About these terminologies, every common man or woman has his or her own explanation which makes scenario further difficult.

In case we can demystify few terminologies and get to know background of diseases, we will be able to effectively prevent, cure or treat them. With this philosophy I started writing this website.

I hope this journey will help all of us together in a positive way.


Manish Sabnis

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